About Equisorb

Why is Equisorb flax so special?

Equisorb is used by a wide range of professional yards as well as individuals looking for a premium quality, highly absorbent bedding at a very competitive cost per week. Developed specifically for horses and carefully processed to exacting standards, Equisorb is made from natural flax and provides a clean, dust free, healthy environment for both horses and grooms. Those that use it have been delighted with how far their bedding goes, the ease of mucking out and its excellent bio-degradability.

Why does Equisorb flax rate so highly on health and hygiene?

Dust extracted and free from contaminates, Equisorb really does provide a clean and hygienic environment – much better for horse and owner. A high performance dust-free bedding, such as Equisorb, leads to improved performance from the horse, particularly ones prone to COPD. The Equisorb bed is not only dry, but warm and comfortable in winter and cool and supportive in summer. It is not palatable but, as Equisorb is of vegetable origin, if the horse should try a few mouthfuls there is no harm done.

What is flax?

The natural fibre flax has gained organic status and is a bi-product of the superior human bedding product, linen. The linen flax produces a soft, thermal, natural equine bedding. As the bedding is extracted from the ligneous part of the flax stalk , it is naturally enveloped with a non allergic fibres.

Is Equisorb flax really more absorbent?

In trials Equisorb flax bedding was shown to be significantly more absorbent than wood shavings, pine flakes hemp shavings and straw. At horsebedding.co.uk we believe that its unparalleled absorption coupled with its ease of use, makes it the most economical premium bedding product on the market. The bedding can be used on all types of floors, very successfully combining with rubber matting yet also providing a very resilient bed on concrete floors by creating a cushion without the need for any matting underneath. Expected weekly usage of Equisorb verses other types of bedding based on 12 x 12 ft stable, bare floor and average horse. Bedding Type EQUISORB ¾ – 1 bale Long Straw 3 – 4 bales Straw / Shavings 2 – 2½ bales Wood shavings 2 – 2½ bales Pine Flakes 3 bales Hemp 1 – 1¼ bales

Equisorb is ideal for the horse, but what about mucking out?

Equisorb is quick and easy to muck-out, using either a conventional shavings fork or gloves. It is fine, lightweight, simple to spread and the bales are easily lifted and transported in a wheelbarrow. Whether you own your own horses or are responsible for a yard, Equisorb will definitely help reduce the time it takes to manage your stables. Owing to its absorbency Equisorb takes up more water/urine per cubic metre than any other bedding so less material is used per horse, per week, per stable. This makes mucking out quicker, means fewer trips to the muck heap, the muck heap is smaller and so needs removal less often. With Equisorb you save both time and money.

How much does Equisorb flax cost?

Equisorb has been shown to be particularly economical and costs significantly less than comparable alternatives. Once established, very small quantities are required to maintain a clean, dry bed so the expense is easy to control and monitor. Further savings are seen in terms of time and labour when mucking out and in the cost of removing waste.

How does Equisorb flax effect the environment?

Equisorb is of vegetable origin and biodegradable so, unlike wood based products, it breaks down very quickly to form valuable garden compost. Added to this muck heaps are smaller, reducing the problem and cost of disposal.

Where do I store Equisorb?

Equisorb is wrapped in 20 kgs bales and usually with 36 bales on a pallet. These pallets are shrink wrapped and are preferably stored under cover. However, full pallet covers can be supplied when ordering which enables you to store your Equisorb outside.

Half and Full Loads of Equisorb Flax Bedding

For enquiries for bulk purchases please contact us at either rgh@equisorb.co.uk  ; sales@horsebedding.co.uk; www.equisorb.co.uk or call 01476 585973