Why you should choose us for your horse bedding needs

Our range of superior horse bedding products has been developed with your horse’s optimum health, quality and your affordability at the core of its creation, whether it’s for adult horses or bedding for foals.

Exceptionally easy to use

Easy to muck out. No dust. Fully weatherproofed pallets allows outside storage.

Highest quality horse bedding

Our bedding isn't just comfortable, but good for your horse's health, with dust extraction providing a healthy stable environment.

100% natural

Our beddings are produced from natural sustainable materials and contain NO synthetic additives.

Excellent value for money

Because you need to use far less of it, our bedding gives better value for money than any other type of premium equestrian bedding.


Our bedding products break down very quickly to produce excellent compost - thus reducing removal costs.

The results speak for themselves

Once you have used our bedding for a while, you will see the huge advantages it has to offer. Horsebedding.co.uk customers are delighted with the results - and you should read them in their own words.

Trade enquiries

Equisorb has had a long association with the equestrian distributive trade, both as wholesale distributors and retail stockists and therefore offers a specific support service for the trade by way of materials available for trade premises or for mailing out. For half and full load quotes and trade enquiries please follow the link below.

Horsebedding.co.uk have been our preferred supplier for some time now. The finer, more varied flake provides us with a well finished, dust-free bed whilst we benefit from the economy of greater absorption than larger flakes, making our horses and team members very happy.

William Fox-Pitt

Olympic event rider

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