Equibed is a purpose-made medium flake shaving.

This shaving offers maximum dust extraction for improved respiratory health. 36 x 20kg bales per pallet.

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Key benefits

  • Absorbency - The medium size of flake is purposefully chosen to give maximum absorbency for a shavings bedding as well as enabling less wastage.
  • Healthy & hygienic - Good for your horse, with dust extraction providing a healthy stable environment.
  • Triple dust extracted
  • Maximum comfort - Provides support for hooves and cushions hocks and joints
  • Easy to use
  • Good spread in the bed

Why Equibed shavings?

The variable flake size in Equibed is proven to offer better absorbency and support for your horse. Equibed Shavings are virtually dust-free and provide a very good ‘spread; whether on solid floors or mats.

Equibed can be successfully used covering the whole stable area or a proportion, particularly if on rubber matting. The Equibed shavings are a high quality shaving offered at a competitive price proving them to be highly cost-effective year round.

The finer, more varied flake provides us with a well finished, dust-free bed whilst we benefit from the economy of greater absorption than larger flakes, making our horses and team members very happy.

William Fox-Pitt

International event rider

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