Purpose made medium flake shaving. This product has been carefully selected by William Fox-Pitt and his team.

This shaving offers maximum dust extraction for improved respiratory health.



• Highly absorbent – Far less bedding used and considerably less wastage.
• Healthy and hygienic – Good for your horse, with dust extraction providing a healthy stable environment.
• 100% Natural – Flax is an organically cultivated natural material. Very easy to use – Quick to muck out and a much smaller muck heap.
• Biodegradable – Breaks down very quickly to produce excellent compost – so no removal costs.

Why Equibed Shavings?

Equibed shavings are manufactured at a new, high technology plant in the South of England. These shavings are purpose-made, dust-free and are of an optimum size of flake to give maximum absorbency, coupled to a superb structure for the horse’s bed.

Equibed has been extensively tested and used by William Fox-Pitt Eventing, sufficiently for his whole yard to go over to Equibed and with his recommendation for other shavings users to try Equibed.

“The finer, more varied flake provides us with a well finished, dust-free bed whilst we benefit from the economy of greater absorption than larger flakes, making our horses and team members very happy.”
William Fox-Pitt, International Event Rider

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