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Once you have used Equisorb for a while, you will see the huge advantages it has to offer. Horsebedding.co.uk customers are delighted with the results...

I have been using Equisorb flax bedding since 2014. I did lots of research, tried out many different types of bedding but have to say this is far superior to any of the others. It is cost effective - I have 2 large stables and use a bale in each per week. My two ex-racehorses love it. What's more, it makes mucking out incredibly quick, easy and efficient and there is less waste. Horsebedding.co.uk are great to deal with (especially Amanda!) - really efficient and organise prompt delivery at a time to suit me. I highly recommend the company and the product .

Julia Nye

I am unbelievably picky when it comes to bedding & was so happy when I came across Equisorb. Each of my 4 horses have different requirements & this is the only bedding that seems to suit them all. It's dust free for the RAO pony, super absorbent for the very wet one, barely moves for the box walker, & provides a comfy bed for the one that is always asleep! And to top it off I have a smaller muck heap.

Laura Arnold

Hello, I recently had a delivery of your Flax Bedding and I would just like to tell you how thrilled I am with it! I have used wood pellet bedding for years but now I shan’t go back to using that as Equisorb is so easy to muck out and the beds look clean, tidy and so comfortable! In fact I think my yard of 10 horses are spending more time lying down and relaxing than on any other bedding I have used in the past!… it has been a long time since I felt so strongly about a bedding and I genuinely think yours is first class!!

Lucy Straker

I love the flax

Joanna Chapple

Having tried most horse beddings on the market, Equisorb flax bedding is definitely the best for ease of use, disposal and cost. It suits the stud very well in every way…

Burton Agnes Stud, North Driffield, East Yorkshire

We had an initial trial which went well, but when we put the whole yard on to flax bedding, we realised just how much time we were saving in mucking out.

Jeanette Brakewell, Rocester

I looked after my neighbour’s horses when they were on holiday and was very impressed with how little bedding I used and how small the muck heap was. I now use it myself and am very pleased with the high absorbancy and find it very economical to use and I don’t have huge piles of shavings to dispose of as I can spread the Equisorb flax mulch straight onto my garden...

Linda Sumpner

We decided that we would give the Equisorb a good test before coming back to you about it. We didn’t water it at all but left it dry. Our opinion is it is very good, unusual and takes a little getting used to but it is simple to muck out, by hand is the easiest, there is very little waste and the horses seem to be fine with it. My biggest concern when we first put it down was the horses would eat it but they haven’t. Therefore, in summary very pleased and we will transfer all our horses on to it for the next order

Dr David Chapman-Jones

Director, Tendonology
I have a 13 year old thoroughbred/shire cross. Each winter for the past 4 years, he’s had a real problem with his hindlegs. Hot, swollen, itchy to the point of chewing himself and bleeding. I’ve had the vet out, we’ve done skin tests and scrapes, clipping and tried all the washes (including human ones!) and we couldn’t figure it. Nothing cleared it up – it came back each year. This year, I moved to using Equisorb. His legs have been absolutely clean. The vet believes it’s been the change in bedding. Let’s face it, this winter’s been one of the wettest and vilest on record, and he’s been out every day as usual. I’m delighted. I’d recommend Equisorb to anyone on this basis, and for the fact that it’s so economical to use.


As promised, a picture of our new yearling T/B just back from the DBS sales. First time not on straw, in a new enviroment and she just had to lie down! All our horses love the new bedding and the beds are a lot cleaner. Many thanks for your advice.

Ian Quayle

Hi there – I ordered a pallet of Equisorb from you a couple of months back. Have been very happy with the product – totally eliminated the stinky ammonia smell and muck heap is minimal.

Annie Holbeche

My sisters and I run a small eventing yard in East Yorkshire and have struggled to find a cost effective bedding that is hugely absorbent, easy to use and that the horses love. After having tried many other brands of bedding we’ve found Equisorb to be brilliant! Once again huge praise for the product and a thanks for saving us money and time, as even the little things make an impact on an up and coming team!

Rachael, Abigail and Anna Chapman

We put the whole yard onto Equisorb flax bedding based on overall cost comparisons, not only usage of product (which was less), but reducing mucking out time and removal of muck heap less often, thus costing less. The savings on an annual basis are substantial.

Tina Clapham

Eventers International, Lincolnshire
It’s the best bedding I’ve ever used. My horse has always been very wet with urine running out of the front of her stable. I tried straw, shavings, wood pellets everything just leaked urine and the wood pellets degraded and caused a cough. At one stage I was using 3 bags of shavings a week on a deep littered bed and it still made your eyes sting when you walked into her stable. Someone recommended Equisorb so I thought I’d give it a go, never expecting it to work but it did. The stable is dry and no smell ! On a deep littered bed I use just 1 bag a week and I could get away with every other week but I like to keep the top of the bed fresh. Highly recommend this bedding .

Steve and Ann Plumb

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