The smaller flakes in Ultrabed offer a bedding that is more absorbent, and visually preferable for some owners, who also find it easier to muck out. Ultrabed is also the chosen bedding for breeders.

This shaving offers maximum dust extraction for improved respiratory health.

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Why Ultrabed shavings?

Specially designed for horses, Ultrabed is a highly absorbent, small flake, white wood traditional shaving, which is highly dust extracted to produce a dry, healthy, warm and comfortable bed.

If you are looking for an absorbent wood shaving bedding for horses that it easy to use and provides a healthy stable environment for your horse, then look no further as Ultrabed will tick all the boxes. Its superior absorbency along with the fact that it is well priced at 30 x 20kg bales per pallet.

Ultrabed: No dust hazard

If you’re considering using a wood shaving horse bedding product, then it is vital that you choose a shavings bedding that has undergone extensive dust extraction.

Ultrabed is virtually dust free ensuring a healthy environment for both horse and groom inside the stables.

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